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WanBi Tuấn Anh[1] was a Vietnamese singer, musician, actor and former model. His songs are mainly pop and R&B. His most famous songs are Đôi Mắt (The Eyes), Vụt Mất (Slip Away) and Cho Em (For You).


WanBi Tuấn Anh was born Nguyễn Tuấn Anh[2] on January 9, 1987 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in a family with no one follows entertainment.


WanBi Tuấn Anh once stated "I never dare to admit that I'm a musician, I'm just an emotional music writer. In my compositions, I not only talk about love but also convey my confidences and things that I cannot express in words. That is my gratitude to my family, the pain that cannot be relieved, my appreciation for my friends, colleagues, the audience, etc. In the most depressing and most desperate moments, the music gave me hope and energy to move on, so that I still felt my valuable in life."[3]. In his singing career, most of his songs were written by WanBi Tuấn Anh himself:

  1. Cho Em (English: For You)[4]
  2. Từng Ngày Qua (English: Day By Day)
  3. Dự Báo Trái Tim (English: Forecast My Heart)
  4. Chuyện Tình Gió (English: Wind Love Story)
  5. Loving U
  6. Lời Yêu (English: Say Love)
  7. Ngày Nắng Bên Trời (English: Sunny Day Next To Me)
  8. Điều Ước Cho Mùa Xuân (English: Wishes For The Spring)
  9. Bước Chân Mùa Thu (English: Autumn Footsteps)
  10. Vụt Mất (English: Slip Away)
  11. Dòng Thư Cuối (English: The Last Letter)
  12. Hãy Tỉnh Giấc (English: Just Wake Up)
  13. Let Go
  14. Bắt Đầu Từ Một Kết Thúc (English: Starting From The End)
  15. Together Forever
  16. Vượt Dốc (English: Slide The Slope)
  17. Chắp Cánh (English: Fly To The Sky)
  18. Cảm Ơn (English: Thank You)
  19. Bắt Sóng Cảm Xúc (English: Catch The Emotions)
  20. Dấu Vết (English: Love Trace)
  21. Hóa Cơn Mưa (English: The Cold Rain)
  22. Phải Làm Thế Nào (English: What Should I Do)
  23. Tìm Thấy (English: Found It)
  24. Thật Lòng Anh Xin Lỗi (English: Honestly I'm Sorry)
  25. Cơ Hội Đánh Rơi (English: Lost The Chance)
  26. Còn Mong Chờ Chi (English: Still Waiting For You)
  27. Tíc Tắc (English: Tick Tack)
  28. Tốt Hơn Cho Chúng Ta (English: Better For Us)
  29. Nụ Cười Còn Mãi (English: Be Happy Always Smile)


  • WanBi once stated that if he went to college, he would study abroad as an Interior design major.[5]

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  1. His stage name is written "WanBi Tuấn Anh", with the "B" is capitalized.
  2. This is a Vietnamese name, he should be referred to by his given name Tuấn Anh.
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