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WANBI0901, also written as WanBi0901, is the first studio album of WanBi Tuấn Anh. It was released in 2008. Aside from WanBi's birthday (January 9, or 09/01 in Vietnamese customization), 0901 also means "9 songs in album vol.1".

Track listing

  • Cho Em (For You), composer: WanBi Tuấn Anh (*)
  • Chuyện Tình Gió (Wind Love Story), composer: WanBi Tuấn Anh
  • Đôi Mắt (The Eyes), composer: Nguyễn Hải Phong
  • Loving U (Mãi Yêu Em), composer: WanBi Tuấn Anh and Trường Linh
  • Lời Yêu (Love Word), composer: WanBi Tuấn Anh
  • Cơn Mưa Đầu Tiên (The First Rain), composer: Liêu Hưng
  • Máy Điều Hòa Mùa Hè (The Summer's Air Conditioner), composer: Nguyễn Hồng Thuận
  • Dối Lòng (Lie To Yourself), composer: Nguyễn Hồng Thuận
  • Ngày Nắng Bên Trời (Sunny Day Next To Me), composer: WanBi Tuấn Anh

(*): This is the duet version performed by WanBi Tuấn Anh and Thùy Chi


  • According to WanBi Tuấn Anh, 9 songs in this album has different styles.
  • Đôi Mắt and Loving U are the 2 songs that were chosen to film the MV by WanBi and his manager Lý Minh Tùng.