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Thăng, also written as Thăng (#), is WanBi Tuấn Anh's second studio album. In comparison with WanBi's first studio album WanBi0901, all songs included in this album were composed by WanBi himself.

Track listing

  • Vụt Mất (*)
  • Dòng Thư Cuối (*)
  • Hãy Tỉnh Giấc
  • Let Go (*)
  • Bắt Đầu Từ Một Kết Thúc (*)
  • Mãi Bên Nhau
  • Vượt Dốc
  • Chắp Cánh
  • Let Go (English version)
  • Dòng Thư Cuối (Korean version)
  • Cảm Ơn

(*) these songs are the ones that were chosen to shoot MV by WanBi and his manager, Lý Minh Tùng.


  • According to journalist Lý Minh Tùng, all WanBi's songs in this album, some of which he composed during the hard period of his life, carry unlucky meanings. He is not a superstitious person, but he admitted that he had a bad feeling about this album.
    • Even the album name Thăng (#) that was given by Lý Minh Tùng in the hope that WanBi will have a promotion on the singing path, in another sense, also contains bad meaning.