WanBi Tuan Anh Wiki

Đôi Mắt (The Eyes) is probably WanBi Tuấn Anh's most famous song. It is written by Nguyễn Hải Phong. It's the third song in WanBi's first studio album WANBI0901.


  • Composed by Nguyen Hai Phong
  • Singer: WanBi Tuan Anh
  • Rapper: Nguyen Hai Phong
  • Arranged, mixed and mastered by Nguyen Hai Phong
  • MV actress: Mi Van
  • Background vocals: Nguyen Hai Phong and WanBi Tuan Anh
  • Executive producer: Pham Viet Tan
  • Producer: Ly Minh Tung
  • Editor: Ly Minh Tung and WanBi Tuan Anh
  • Produced and Copyright 2008 by Ya! Entertainment
  • Permission: 188/QĐ-PH-SVHTTDL (Oct.27.2008)


  • There is a remix version of Đôi Mắt performed by WanBi himself in 2011, with the rapper being Phúc Bồ instead of Nguyễn Hải Phong.